Drop it!

Product Analyzing and Researching Tool for E-Commerce 

See all relevant product data for dropshipping in one click. Analyze, make decissons in seconds. Find out how other Shopify/eBay sellers present their products and get inspired by their presentation. It was never easier! Our Website provides all information needed to find best selling products and all the data necessary to optimize it for SEO and improved sell through rate.

See the difference

Finding dropship opportunities is a tedious process that first involves finding identical products across platforms and then retrieving the information required for your own listing – all by hand

Cut through the clutter and focus on business decisions rather than information collection. Just enter your product URL and press click ‘Go!’

Lean back while Drop It! does the heavy lifting of collecting prices, ratings, reviews, keywords, competition, descriptions, titles and more in the background

Try it Yourself

Use Drop it! results to get the comprehensive overview of a strategist to make quick, data driven choices. Build your own titles and descriptions in seconds and finally export your finished products

Stunning Functionality

All the benefits that come with the use of Drop It!

Time Saver

Let Drop It! do the grunt work so you can shift your attention from information collecting to growing your business

Competitive Edge

Get ahead of your competition by finding more and better data for opportunities – and to quicker optimize.

Easy Usage

  • Webbased application
  • Video Tutorials
  • Group Support on Facebook

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