Features Intellyfish Free Intellyfish Professional
Presentation video
Analyze listings on ebay.com, .co.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es, .ca yes yes
Copy ASIN yes yes
Private Facebook Support Group yes yes
Show price differences yes yes
Show Amazon product rating (based on reviews average) yes
(must be unlocked)
Show Amazon price yes yes
Show whether item has Amazon Prime yes yes
Filter by price difference / margin no yes
Filter by quantity sold on ebay
no yes
Filter by Amazon rating no yes
Filter by number of Amazon reviews no yes
Filter by price no yes
Export to spreadsheet:
Save your results as a tab-delimited text file to be opened in Excel, OpenCalc, Numbers or any other spreadsheet application
no yes
Export ebay listing titles no yes
Results panel to quickly navigate through your results no yes
Number of listings analyzed restricted to 25 per ebay search results page  yes no
Number of listings analyzed restricted to 1,500 per day yes no
Parallel processing:
Run Intellyfish on up to two devices/browsers, in up to 4 tabs in parallel
no yes
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$199.99 / year